About Our Company

Talasaea Consultants was founded by William Shiels in 1981 to provide natural resources consulting and environmental planning services to a broad client base, including both public agencies and the private sector. Talasaea has a well-rounded staff with expertise in wetland/stream ecology, mitigation design, low impact development (LID), landscape architecture, environmental planning, fisheries and wildlife biology, coastal zone management, aquatic resource management, and erosion control and water quality compliance. The firm specializes in wetland/stream delineation, regulatory analysis, permitting, mitigation, wildlife studies, site planning, and related services to ensure the success of development projects. Talasaea has a thorough understanding of current environmental and land use regulations associated with wetlands, streams, shorelines, endangered species, wildlife, and other critical areas. Talasaea routinely works with local, State, and Federal regulatory jurisdictions, property owners, developers, and other stakeholders to obtain development entitlements.

Talasaea provides assistance for Corps of Engineers Section 404 permits, Section 401 Water Quality Certifications, Section 106 Historic Preservation Act compliance, permits under Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act, Hydraulic Project Approvals (HPA), Forest Practices Act permits (FPA), permits under the Shoreline Management Act, local governmental agency permits, and Section 402 Stormwater General Permits (NPDES).

Talasaea presently maintains nine professional, technical, and administrative staff. Three staff members are dedicated to biological and ecological resource assessment and include William Shiels as Principal Biologist, and David Teesdale as Senior Ecologist. Staff members are dedicated to environmental planning and mitigation design and include Ann Olsen, Registered Landscape Architect. Talasaea also maintains four administrative and technical staff for office operations and assistance in field investigations.

Talasaea participates on projects that require multidisciplinary communication, coordination, and cooperation; adherence to confidentiality agreements; and compliance with public agency procedures. Our team approach involves the client; civil, structural and geotechnical engineers; architects; planners; agency staff; and other public and private stakeholders. Talasaea is experienced in interacting and working with both technical and non-technical professionals and the general public.

The philosophy of Talasaea is that each project is unique and should be undertaken with a well-informed and unbiased perspective, and with a qualified team and a well-defined project approach that is focused to achieve client goals. Talasaea is dedicated to the development of creative and effective solutions to contemporary problems, endeavoring to address the needs of modern society while protecting our natural resources, a balance that is both necessary and possible.