Woodlands Technology Campus

Bothell, Washington

This 28-acre office campus project contained twelve wetlands (6.7 acres total) and two salmonid bearing streams, including North Creek, which support Federally-listed Chinook salmon. Permitting included Department of Ecology Section 401, Corps of Engineers Section 404/BE, Shoreline Substantial Development, Hydraulic Project Approval, Forest Practices Act, NPDES stormwater permit, and City of Bothell Critical Areas Alteration Permit (CAAP).

Mitigation included creation of 26,750 square feet (sf) of new wetlands, enhancement and rehabilitation of 140,070 sf of degraded emergent wetlands, and restoration of 294,293 sf of wetland and stream buffers. The project also addressed design and permitting of bank stabilization along North Creek (including log and rootwad crib wall construction).

Talasaea also provided design of approximately 0.5 miles of the North Creek Regional Trail system. This was integrated into the site plan and wetland mitigation concept to provide recreational and ecological education opportunities for users of the facility. The wetland mitigation design incorporated low impact development (LID) methods to detain rooftop water within existing and created wetlands, and the provision of rain gardens to receive runoff from pollutant generating surfaces before release to North Creek. Site construction was completed in 2008.